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Why Low-Code?

At Optimation, we see software development as a human-centric and highly iterative process. Low-code development fits our philosophy well because, when used in combination with design thinking, it means people can rapidly get to a point where they see if an idea or proposed solution is on the right track, often by co-creating models or prototypes with end-users.

Effective technology-enabled solutions require synergy between ideas and implementation that few can provide. At Optimation NZ, we do both – design and deliver. Our distinctive and particular blend of innovative thinking and smart technology combined with large-scale experience and expert delivery, enables technology solutions that achieve tangible outcomes for your organisation.

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Innovative thinking

Innovative thinking happens in many ways. We don’t believe one size fits all, so we use a number of tools and frameworks to solve complex conundrums. Plus, by partnering with clients to combine the best of our collective insights, we create more successful outcomes.

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Smart technology

To us, this means solutions tailored to achieve an outcome. It means remaining independent, so we can always apply the most appropriate approach, tools and resources without limitations. It means finding solutions that are technologically feasible and strategically viable.

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A people-centric approach

We’re always thinking ‘people first’. To create solutions, systems and tools that are both useful and useable by real people, we put your business and your customers at the forefront of our approach, ensuring we have a strong empathy for intended end-users.

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Expert solution delivery

Whether it’s a capability uplift or a complete transformation, our comprehensive resources and skillsets have it all covered. From consultation and concept to implementation and beyond, we approach every project with an intent to look holistically at your business and challenges to deliver real results.

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We understand scale

Large-scale technology solutions are typically borne from significant business change. No matter what size or complexity, we know how to achieve outcomes in this environment with minimal disruption. We have unique onshore/offshore partnerships that bring New Zealand companies the benefits of global capability and scale, while enjoying robust local governance and relationships.

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Proven track record

With over 27 years as experts in technology, we have a proven track record of delivering large-scale digital projects and solutions for big players across New Zealand, in both the private and public sectors.

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Whatever customised solution we arrive at for your specific tech needs, we work closely with our partners to be able to deliver the specialist skills and innovations needed.

Innovative thinking can happen in many different ways. We don’t believe in one size fits all, but these are some of the tools and frameworks we might employ to get to the right solution.

  • DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery
  • Test-driven design
  • IIBA (International Institute for Business Analysis)
  • Agile Alliance
  • Scrum Alliance
  • International Consortium for Agile
  • Capability development and practice maturity
  • CMMI
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Sparx Enterprise Architect
  • Rational Rose
  • TM Forum SID reference model
  • TM Forum e-TOM reference model
  • SOA design patterns database
  • UML
  • PMI
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
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