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Flex Squads

A squad-based model offering the flexibility of a hybrid onshore/offshore approach to deliver your business outcomes better and faster.

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When you engage us to provide you with a Flex Squad, you get the benefits of dealing with a specialist agency, providing consistent quality, integrated with the specific needs of your business, products and teams in a tailored way.

Presto and Optimation combined has significant experience delivering quality software using a hybrid offshore approach, leveraging our local specialists working in unison with our offshore development team based in the Philippines. (blending in your team)

We have designed our approach to get you the results you need while reducing the typical barriers and risks to working offshore.

A Part of Your Team

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Warrick Flower

Managing Director

+64 21 102 5095

Cherrie Wheeler

General Manager

+64 21 955 519


Why choose Flex Squads?

We've worked alongside successful businesses to help them effectively adopt and leverage digital technologies.

We've helped businesses trying to do more with less being more dynamic and agile.


More productivity

Implementing a versatile resourcing model that allows for rapid scalability, enabling adjustment of team sizes in response to dynamic business and project requirements. 

Elevate performance

Broaden professional capabilities, introducing new disciplines and adopting new innovative methods quickly and effectively when needed.

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Risk mitigation

Partnering with teams that possess a deep understanding of the risks, having been through similar journeys, who are well-prepared to proactively minimize potential issues, ensuring a smooth path forward.

Assessing specialised expertise

Tapping into unique, specialised or legacy skillsets that may not be readily available within your organisation or even within New Zealand. 

Cost efficiency

Exploring various options, such as on-demand resource, adopting a disciplined and streamlined approach (to move faster or leaner), adding options to seamlessly blend offshore and onshore resources.

The Optimation Group Advantage

Elevate your company's capabilities by engaging our tailored FlexSquads, offering a seamless blend of local expertise and global talent.


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Your Hybrid Offshoring Journey

We've designed it to be a structured but flexible model that gets you as quickly as we can to your business objectives.  We move with pace looking at what point you're at now and how we build value from there.


Benefits of our Flex Squad Model

Here's why we chose the Phillippines for our offshoring partners

They're a small global business destination

An established leader in outsourcing, servicing global customers for over 30 years.

The practical time zone

Especially convenient for Australia and New Zealand customers.

The strong cultural alignment

With a strong customer service focus.

Excellent english communication

The Philippines promotes transnational education, which further strengthens the country as one of the top English-proficient countries in the world.

A large population & young workforce

With skills, enthusiasm and innovative ideas to bring to the workplace.


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