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Meet the Optimation Leadership Team

Warrick Flower – Managing Director, Optimation New Zealand

With over 20 years' experience in the technology industry both in New Zealand and internationally, Warrick is a passionate leader and people manager with a passion for building better businesses using flexible, stable and modern digital platforms that deliver digital business outcomes.

Warrick has seen the industry from many different angles, starting his career as a software developer and solutions architect before moving into business management and leadership roles.

Before joining Optimation, Warrick was the General Manager at Datacom, responsible for acquiring new customers and growing business within New Zealand and internationally. 

Neil Butler - Chairman and Founder

Neil is an experienced entrepreneur and technologist who founded Optimation in 1992. He is inspired by the twin goals of helping organisations transform for productivity and competitive advantage, while contributing to a thriving, sustainable local ICT sector that provides people with rewarding careers.

Neil pioneered the formation of strategic partnerships that give customers global capabilities at New Zealand scale. He has also taken local ingenuity and IP to the world through Optimation Ventures.

Neil is a member of the Institute of Directors and holds several independent directorships and board advisory roles. He is involved in ICT sector groups including NZTech, and he provides mentoring and advice to a number of start-ups and innovators.

Alex Bouma - Executive Director

With over 25 years of experience in applying smart technology to businesses across the globe, Alex is an Executive Director, assisting with governance and key relationships across Optimation Group of companies in New Zealand. Alex’s experience spans multiple industries from Government, Defence and the Private Sector. He has a special focus on the wider Justice Sector eco-system, as part of Optimation’s key relationship with NZ Corrections.

Alex was formerly an executive at HP for 14 years, with his last role there running Global Delivery of Application Services across Australia and NZ into India, the Philippines and China.

Sharon Butler - Director and Co-Founder

Before devoting her work full time with Optimation for over 15 years, Sharon had a career in banking which gave her a solid grounding for her governance and operational roles in Optimation.

As a co-founder with over 30 years’ experience she has a deep understanding of what make Optimation tick and its culture. She brings a wide range of experience and expertise to the table, including business coaching and mentoring.

Her background in Finance and Accounting has supported her previous roles at Optimation as CFO and General Manager Corporate Services, and she now assists with governance of the company.

Cherrie Wheeler - General Manager, Presto

With a solid background in the Tech space, Cherrie has a passion for IT and has over 20+ years experience in IT talent management and recruitment roles. She builds strong professional relationships and introduces the best talent and resourcing solutions to Presto clients.
She is always focused on bringing together the right people at the right time, and her proactive approach ensures a seamless experience for Presto clients and candidates.
Whether you are an organisation in need of resourcing expertise or a candidate looking for your next role, her goal is to ensure Presto delivers a thorough and professional experience.

Anton Vermaak - Head of Digital Delivery

Anton’s commitment to providing personalized and tailored solutions to customers' unique challenges and goals demonstrates his dedication to customer satisfaction. From initial conceptualization to seamless implementation and, most importantly, continuous evolution, Anton and his team guide the entire process with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence. By leveraging the latest technologies and industry best practices, they empower customers to navigate digital transformations and unlock their full potential. With a focus on long-term continuity, Anton ensures that customers have a roadmap for sustained success and growth.

 Working with Anton, his inspiring leadership style fosters a culture of growth, collaboration, and continuous learning within his team. He encourages individuals to push their boundaries, embrace new challenges, and contribute their best to achieve collective success. By creating an environment that nurtures personal and professional development, Anton ensures that team members are equipped to deliver exceptional results, benefitting both the company and, ultimately, our valued customers.

Ginu Raju - Head of Managed Services

Ginu is a seasoned technology leader with extensive experience in the software industry both in New Zealand and internationally. He is a skilled leader and people manager with a passion for leading high-performance teams to achieve business outcomes through the use of cutting-edge digital and cloud platforms.

With a strong focus on customer outcomes by aligning technology roadmaps with business goals, Ginu has held a range of key leadership positions throughout his career.

His recent positions include heading up the Microsoft Engineering & Azure App innovation practice for Datacom, and as a Senior Account Manager for Microsoft.

Adam Theyers-Hasemore - Customer Success Lead

Adam leads Optimation’s Customer Success Team. Adam is a professional with over 25 years of IT experience. Adam has successfully delivered large complex projects in both government and private organisations over the years, building great working relationships, with colleagues and clients.

Having held many leadership roles throughout his career, he has been responsible for leading and developing professionals and teams over many years.

Adam has experience working with large companies throughout NZ and internationally, he builds and develops great working relationships with both Information Technology and Business Teams.

Matthew Rees - Practice Lead

Matthew Rees boasts more than 20 years experience of IT industry expertise, and currently holds the position of Practice Lead here at Optimation. His specialty is in leading and developing applications in the financial sector, including Peer to Peer Lending, Debentures and Origination software. Over the years he has mastered many technologies including .NET and Low Code platforms.

Matt is experienced with managing and growing development teams, nurturing relationships with Clients, and bringing it altogether with a focus on performance, processes, retention and culture.

Scarlett Maddock - Head of Digital Enablement

A passionate people leader with a customer-centric mindset, Scarlett’s 15 years + in the tech sector has taken her from London to New Zealand. Leading the digital analysis and design practice here at Optimation, Scarlett brings her knowledge of systems thinking, analysis and service design to connect people and technology to deliver Business outcomes.

Scarlett’s specialism is understanding and designing for complex eco-systems with legacy systems, creating simple and comprehensive customer journeys through a collaborative, facilitative practice of design leadership.