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Transforming Rehabilitation in the Community

For Corrections agencies to reduce recidivism, they need more cost-effective, scalable case management tools to deliver better outcomes.

About Optimation Connect

Optimation Connect provides authorities with the tools to effectively support supervised individuals while making it easier for them to follow rules and rehabilitate.

Optimation Connect is proven to deliver benefits to both authorities and individuals.

The product has been designed with specific interfaces for web, native mobile and purpose designed biometric kiosks for in-person self-service. Authorities and supervised individuals have access to real-time two-way notifications and connection.

Supervision and Support of individuals are key for successful rehabilitation in the community

Optimation Connect Delivers

Optimation Connect is unique and unlike other solutions currently on the market.  Connect is not a point solution, instead it offers a broad set of highly configurable digital interfaces that integrate directly with your current systems.

A proven solution that can be tailored to individual needs

  • Cheaper and faster than developing from scratch
  • Configurable
  • Ongoing support and development
  • Future proofed and scalable

"We selected Optimation's solution to help us transform the way we manage supervised individuals in the community through the innovative use of technology"

Michael Nikolic | QCS Chief Digital Officer, Digital Services & Information Technology Branch, Organisational Capability

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Optimation Connect is an easy-to-use tool that saves time, money, and eases workloads for authorities


What Optimation Connect offers

  • Web Portal
  • Mobile Phone Application
  • Officer Portal
  • Integrated Email & SMS Send
  • Full Security & Auditability
  • Integration with IOMS
  • Admin Portal
  • Modern Kiosks

How do we compare to others?

Connect is a proven, future-ready platform that can be deployed cost-effectively at speed and scale, easily integrating and amplifying existing systems.

It provides case managers and authorities with tools to effectively support supervised individuals while making it easier for them to follow rules and rehabilitate. Optimation Connect is proven to deliver benefits to both authorities and individuals.

Key features and functionality

For case managers

  • Portal to interact with and report on supervised individuals
  • Dashboard and search functions
  • Queue management and flow of visitors and supervised individuals
  • Email and TXT push technology
  • Digital forms
  • Tools to manage actions and tasks

Key features and functionality

For supervised individuals

  • Multiple digital channels for Self-service depending on risk assessment
  • Accessible via cell phone, web-portal and kiosk
  • Visibility of appointments and reminders for the offenders
  • Ability to request approval to vary conditions
  • Visibility of important information

"Supervision is more than simply monitoring the offenders’ compliance with the conditions attached to their release. It involves managing the risk presented by the offender, acquiring and arranging resources to meet the needs of the offender and developing and maintaining a human relationship with the offender that engenders trust with appropriate boundaries"

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Vienna

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