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SCP helps people in the community remain compliant with court conditions imposed on them and stay supported in the community rather than back in court or prison.

Providing simple self-service features, based on an individuals' needs to interact with multiple justice agencies, with the offender, defendant, youth or victim, our SCP Platform of mobile app personas guides users to resources and services from a variety of agencies and NGOs (e.g. rehabilitation, education and crisis support etc). This allows the individual and their supporters to improve their lives and reduces the likelihood of reoffending.

The value our platform delivers

SCP directly addresses government goals to reduce prisoner numbers; improve outcomes for victims of crime & the wider community; improve public safety; & break the cycle of reoffending. SCP frees up staff to focus on higher priority work & reduce costs. 

Increased community sentence compliance

  • Faster sentence burn-down through gamification principles
  • Better adherence to conditions through alerts and reminders
  • Tight integration with electronic monitoring to de-escalate violations, and simplify workflows
  • Greater support for victims through increased transparency

Reduced recidivism

  • Increase family and support network engagement
  • Links to resources for wellbeing and community services
  • The ability for the NGO sector to engage with users
  • Increased autonomy and personal responsibility
  • Seamless between pre and post-release support integration
  • Fewer confrontational engagements with enforcement agents
  • Provide better support to victims

Free up frontline

  • Reduce the volume of repetitive questions fielded
  • Automate manual processes
  • Reduce the volume of manual interventions
  • Increase opportunities for proactive interaction
  • More time to focus on people and safety
  • Reduced administration costs

A persona-based platform

  • Family & Support network: offenders’ supporters can also get secure visibility of alerts in real-time, so they can intervene to resolve compliance before a breach.
  • Defendants & Offenders: our app empowers people to complete their sentences faster & reduce their chance of reoffending, while staying in control of their lives by tracking & managing their bail conditions, by giving them access to data previously locked away in core systems, and delivered by paper or e-mail. 
  • Victims: supports them by providing access to sentence info and notifications of release dates and conditions. Provides access to aggregated third-party support resources. 
  • Agency: allows staff to focus their efforts where they are most effective, supporting users of the app in the community, by reducing mundane info requests and introducing workflow automation for key compliance processes.

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Optimation has extensive experience and passion for the justice sector, having worked closely with NZ Corrections for over a decade, providing development and support for the core IOMS (Integrated Offender Management System).
Following the successful creation of a community reparation application (My Mahi) for NZ Corrections, in 2018 we started collaborating with the Justice Sector High Impact Innovation Program (HIIP), and incorporated one of their initiatives into our broader SCP product development, with a pan-sector initiative to reduce demand and pressure on the prison system from the number of people incarcerated on remand. As a result, a growing number of people are on electronically monitored bail in the community, and Optimation began working with Corrections to find a way to reduce the number breaching bail conditions and having to return to custody.

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