Mobile application technology

Mobile application technology

At Optimation, we believe using the right digital channels for the right audience is critical to the success of mobile strategies. 

Our philosophy is that adoption and ‘stickiness’ (getting people to keep using the app) is driven by having feature-rich and relevant minimum viable products (MVPs) on launch. The vast experience of our design and development teams, in combination with the powerful accelerator features of our Aperçu platform, allows us to rapidly build and deploy highly functional and engaging mobile solutions for any organisation that seeks better interactions with digital natives and digital immigrants alike.

From experience, we know that mobile technologies generate serious value once you go beyond simply porting your existing web content to a mobile platform. Using technologies like augmented reality, beacon-based micro-location services and context-sensitive push media, we create situationally aware mobile solutions. This means people using your mobile app will be able to access rich, dynamic content and to interact in real time with relevant services in the physical world, wherever they happen to be. At the same time, our mobile apps generate a wealth of analytics that you can use to understand user behaviour and to create enhanced customer experiences.

We create serious next-generation mobile capabilities for our customers. Our mobile apps tend not to be trivial stand-alone applications and we don’t settle for just repurposing your current web solutions for mobile platforms. Instead, we find ways to create engaging value-add capabilities. We are experts in integrating data and workflows from your enterprise systems, empowering your end users with highly secure but feature-laden apps that can extend on your core systems. 

From native apps to low-code platforms

Optimation uses a variety of tools and techniques to meet the needs of our customers. We are able to leverage leading ‘build once – deploy on many platforms’ toolsets such as OutSystems and Xamarin. We can also build native code mobile apps for iOS and Android, but usually only recommend this route if you want to do things that leverage the specific hardware features of different phone platforms.

Enterprise connected apps

The mobile applications that we build are often digital extensions to our customers’ enterprise systems and are only the tip of the iceberg for truly connected and rich user experience. We use customised integrations, secure cloud data staging, performance analytics, encryption, and management consoles to integrate mobile apps into the wider enterprise environment. In turn, business owners can use console applications to allocate permissions and explore usage analytics. In short, it is not just about a dumb app on a phone to us!

Highly Secure and Safe

Optimation utilise a ‘Secure by Design’ philosophy, making our mobile applications suitable for sharing some of the most sensitive data with users. For example, in the New Zealand Corrections sector, our apps are providing people with secure access to their highly sensitive data.

We partner with Aura Information Security to build in independent security reviews and penetration testing. This ensures our applications are highly secure, safe, and compliant with government standards where applicable.

Deployment and support

Optimation doesn’t just create powerful mobile solutions for our customers, we often go on to support them, too. We can help clients navigate setting up app stores and create roll-out strategies, and then deliver ongoing support and updates.

We recognise that for many of our customers, ‘going mobile’ can be a major departure from what they are used to. We recommend launching with a feature-rich ‘minimum viable product’, and then using analytics and customer feedback to guide further development.

Embarking on this journey with you, Optimation can apply all of our design thinking, development, and support expertise to provide a fully managed service across your digital channels.

Optimation’s Aperçu platform

The Optimation Aperçu platform is an accelerator for mobile development that allows us to enrich your ‘minimum viable product’ with exciting capabilities that make your application more appealing from the get-go, and more likely to be used by your target user groups.

Aperçu allows us to tailor a solution that can include features such as:

  • Augmented reality
  • Bluetooth beacon technology
  • Rich content push and pull – triggered by customised workflows
  • Built-in customer feedback engine
  • Usage analytics
  • Workflow capability back into the enterprise
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