Application modernisation and transformation

Application modernisation

Digital technologies are fundamentally changing the way customers interact with businesses, but the pace and scale of change leaves many organisations in a bind. They want to improve the customer experience and enable staff to work better by freeing them from ageing, hard-to-use systems. At the same time, they can’t simply throw out investments in legacy applications that are still supporting critical business functions. At Optimation, we believe this is a choice you don’t have to make. Working with customers like the Department of Corrections and Medical Council of New Zealand, we have perfected ways to get more out of existing systems through staged redevelopment, well-targeted enhancements, and using cloud services and digital wrappers to unlock hidden value and create new opportunities.

For us, the starting point is always to understand your situation and the technologies, tools, and processes that support your mission-critical business functions and customer relationships. That means building a comprehensive picture of existing investments and coming to grips with often poorly documented systems. Then, we work closely with you and your team to envision practical solutions. Most of our customers want to avoid risky all-or-nothing approaches so we prioritise outcomes-focused, iterative change matched by flexible solutions that work from small to large scale. The answer could be as simple as providing a mobile overlay to an existing system or upgrading a single key platform or migrating an existing application to the cloud. Alternatively, you might decide to take the opportunity to reimagine and transform the way you do things from the ground up.

What we do

We draw on deep capabilities and a breath of experience across Optimation’s design, development and support teams to deliver the benefits of modernisation and transformation. In addition to our expert people here in New Zealand, through our unique strategic partnerships with global providers, we can offer customers offshoring options that provide unbeatable scale and value, fronted by Optimation for local accountability and governance. We have proven this approach at the Department of Corrections by delivering the single biggest (and successful!) Microsoft bespoke application modernisation in New Zealand. This has enabled over 8000 users to experience significant usability and speed enhancements across a very large and complex system.


Our flexible view of redevelopment encompasses options to rewrite what you have in a modern language, or to re-envision and optimise business processes with a new bespoke development. Or we can identify and extract key features and functionality and integrate them into a third-party best-of-breed platform.

Digital wrappers

Using tools and techniques like automation robots and low-code rapid application development, we create user experience wrappers than unleash the hidden potential trapped in aging systems. For example, we can bridge across siloed applications and functionality to create a single view of the customer. Or, leveraging OutSystems low-code platform, we can give users and customers new ways to interact using mobile and web apps while preserving critical business processes. Digital wrappers are a great way to achieve staged, low-risk modernisation. That’s because they enable you to hollow out legacy systems steadily over time as you migrate business functionality to new technologies.

Cloud migration

Customers can get the most from existing investments through a combination of on-premise systems and cloud-based services. We can work with you to migrate existing applications or business functionality into the cloud, or to incorporate cloud services into a redevelopment or replatforming strategy.


It is not uncommon for customers to ask us what they can do with still-functional systems that are running on platforms that are no longer supported. We can assist with strategies to keep what you have but move it onto a modern, more easily maintained platform.

Maintain, enhance and extend

Our Application Support team can take on the burden of on-going maintenance, upgrades and enhancements to existing systems, freeing your people to focus their energies on innovation and new opportunities.

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