What we do

What we do - Delivering end-to-end technology solutions

We specialise in delivering end-to-end, outcome-focused digital technology solutions that drive better business. And with over 26 years as experts in our field, we have a proven track record of doing it at scale for many significant organisations across New Zealand.

Whether you need consultation to help identify and address challenges, or customised solutions for specific tech needs and/or ongoing support, we deliver it all.

Practical innovation

We make the possible, real. We work with you to match big ideas with digital solutions that fulfill the wants and needs of the people using it, while also being technologically feasible and strategically viable.

Purposeful transformation

Whether it’s improving transparency, reducing risk or increasing productivity and profit growth, our scale of resource and proven experience can rapidly deploy new business models and technologies to enhance your organisation.

Efficient maintenance

With a successful team and proven processes built up over more than 26 years, we help our clients free up in-house resources to focus on moving forward through effectively managed outsourcing and support.

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Application design, development and integration

At Optimation, we’re committed to making a dierence fast by delivering elegant, practical applications that let you capitalise on new opportunities and thrive in the face of change.

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What we do tiles 640x380 Application modernisation

Digital transformation

We draw on deep capabilities and a breadth of experience across Optimation’s design, development and support teams to deliver the benets of digital transformation and application modernisation.

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Application support and outsource

Optimation Application Support lets you focus in-house expertise and IP on business innovation and strategic priorities, while we take care of the day-to-day application environment. This could mean adding digital layers, such as creating mobile or web apps that get new life out of legacy systems.

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Smartphone Solutions

Derived from many years of experience in the care and justice sector, we developed a set of unique mobile solutions that put people impacted by crime at the centre of a variety of resources and tools that were previously difficult to find or use.  It helped offenders meet their conditions and reintegrate into the community.  Such was our success, we looked to see who and where else we could help.  It could very well be you!

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Social & Corrective Platform (SCP)

Targeted at Corrections and other Justice agencies, designed to produce safer communities and deliver government outcomes.

Focuses on tools that empower offenders in the community, encourage compliance with conditions, and support reintegration.

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CEA Community Engagement App

Structured Communication Platform

Targeted at organisations that want to directly engage with staff or groups in the community.  

Focuses on making critical information available, creates opportunities for direct feedback from users, and facilitates digital workflow.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile application technology

At Optimation, we believe using the right digital channels for the right audience is critical to the success of mobile strategies.

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