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23 March 2020

Deploying technology to strengthen and streamline stakeholder communications during a pandemic

Optimation has a ready-made, secure and controlled communication and case management platform to use in the current pandemic situation.

27 February 2020

Putting Agile Scrum Methodology into practice: The Perks & Challenges

Although there are many perks to an Agile engagement, there are also a number of common challenges faced when applying Agile to business.  So whether you have already started on your Agile journey or you are just thinking about it, you will unfailingly ask yourself this question at some point:

 Is my business ready to run with Agile?

2 October 2019

Optimation & Outsystems Round Table

On the 16th October, we are bringing to Wellington OutSystems Solutions Architect Mark Ashcroft and our National Delivery Manager Dave Norman in a Lunch & Learn workshop session. Web Developers, Software Architects and IT Managers interested in knowing the latest trends in Rapid Development of Web and Mobile Apps on a low-code platform will join us to this quick learning session.

10 September 2019

Building bricks for your future

Bricks are the building blocks of a building and you may have used it as a metaphor where you wanted to strengthen a fact or lay a ‘foundation’ for a discussion. This is not the type of bricks we are referring to here. Let us introduce you to the LEGO® building bricks which will improve your business.  

3 July 2019

Legacy Apps: keep, modernise or replace it?

Can your software support a higher production level? What about if you decide to expand your business, will you be able to scale and change correspondingly in the future? If your answers to those questions are “no” or “not entirely”, it's time to modernise or create a new application.

26 June 2019

Our Diversity is what makes us unique

We are a diverse bunch! In a world that is changing and evolving every day, Optimation is committed to equitable diversity and inclusion and this reflects on our policies and value...

17 June 2019

The legacy threat

Most software systems, unlike good cars, do not improve with age. Keeping a technology that can’t be improved or simplified and that doesn’t bring high-performance processes, your company is under the threat of being eaten alive by the competitors and new players in the market.

23 April 2019

Optimates stories – William Yeung’s journey to becoming a Graduate Developer

Challenge accepted. It seems like a good idea to start this article with a bold statement.

26 March 2019

Putting people at the heart of public-sector transformations

Tackling Digital Transformation in government can be hugely complex. That is why it is critical to get the people component right.

5 March 2019

How our transition support will speed the digital transformation in your business

While Transition is the most critical foundation to any successful outsource, it does not need to be a drawn-out or expensive process.

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