About us

About Optimation Group

At Optimation we believe technology should empower business. To get there we bring together smart technology, a people-centric approach, innovative thinking and expert solution delivery. Only we provide this unique synergy between ideas and implementation that allows an organisation to be bigger, better, faster… or whatever it is they dream of being!

We’ve grown up with IT in New Zealand

Ever since IT became an essential part of business there’s been Optimation NZ. Experts in our field for over 26+ years, we’ve been part of the innovation that’s evolved and grown our industry. That’s how we know what it really means to offer end-to-end, outcome-focused digital technology solutions.

What we do

Partnership adds value

With everything we do for our clients, we aim to provide a measurable return. We do this by working in close partnership, exploring how technology can solve our clients’ challenges at the same time as delivering on opportunities. By respecting and drawing on the different perspectives, skills, knowledge and experience our clients bring to each project, we’ve built a solid reputation as a partner of value.

How we deliver

Part of the Optimation Group

The Optimation Group helps our clients achieve outcomes in the face of complex business and IT challenges, at scale. We work with you from problem definition to implementation, harnessing the right mix of tools, knowledge and skills across our wide offering to deliver the right solution. The other Group company is Presto.

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Over our 26+ year history, we’ve built up a lengthy track record of delivering on projects and solutions of all size and complexity for big players across New Zealand.

Here’s proof our approach works.