Using data to improve performance

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What we do

Every business can extract more value from its data and information assets. But value means different things to different people, so we partner with customers to enable their success, however they define it. That means we start by listening and learning about where you are now and where you want to go. Then we bring together the right people, processes, platforms and tools to deliver results, whether that means boosting profitability, improving efficiencies, growing new markets or enabling customer-centric innovation.

Optimation specialises in finding practical ways to unlock the value of data by turning it into actionable insights grounded in evidence, not assumptions. This gives people the ability to understand business performance in near real-time, and empowers them to solve problems, optimise outcomes and make the right calls when faced with new challenges and opportunities.

Our team has decades of experience in bringing order and insight to the interpretive chaos that limits productivity and collaboration in complex organisations. We blend creative problem-solving techniques with deep specialist expertise across disciplines including:

  • Enterprise information management
  • Content intelligence
  • Business intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Data visualisation

How we work

Something you’ll notice about working with Optimation is that we are highly adaptive. 

That means we don’t try to sell customers on a pre-determined solution before we even understand the problem. Technology partners include Smartlogic, OpenText and Microsoft. We have extensive expertise with Microsoft data warehouse and business intelligence tools, including Microsoft Azure and Power BI.

Experience tells us that traditional ‘big bang’ approaches to business intelligence and information management are inflexible, unnecessarily expensive and often over-engineered. Instead, we use an incremental, agile-infused approach to deliver practical outcomes from the early stages of every engagement. The insights gained feed back into the process, creating a platform for continuous improvement.

How we work 2

Customer outcomes

  • Build and maintain highly trusted and accessible sources of information for the enterprise
  • Consolidate and share knowledge effectively
  • Empower people to make good decisions using enhanced data visualisation tools and elegant, intelligent reporting dashboards
  • Create automated processes for collection and distribution of data to reduce the risk of human error and protect information assets
  • Identify and integrate useful data from traditional sources like data warehouses and legacy systems and from evolving channels including social media and internet-of-things

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