Talent supply solutions

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Talent supply solutions

Getting the right people at the right time is critical to realising the value that technology initiatives promise to deliver. We know this challenge can only get tougher in a highly competitive talent market where tools, techniques and styles of engagement are rapidly changing, and you need to be adept and adaptable to succeed. Optimation removes the burden from business and technology leaders by providing focused expertise and talent supply solutions that enable you to achieve targeted and measurable outcomes. 

Because we work with demanding and highly complex organisations like ANZ, Vodafone and the Department of Corrections, we know that solving the people puzzle takes much more than a standard recruitment agency or body shopping approach. That’s why we deliver talent supply solutions through our specialist company Presto. Presto’s team brings over 100 combined years of experience and strong local and global talent networks, underpinned by robust end-to-end processes, to address the full scope of talent supply needs.

Our customers value our flexibility, adaptability and ability to scale. We can do everything from finding niche skills to tackle a specific technology problem or to augment your in-house team through to managing sustainable and cost-effective sourcing across large projects and transformation programmes. Working with Optimation and Presto, you will be able to make ‘point in time’ talent supply decisions based on your business needs and the outcomes you seek.

Talent services

We can work with you at any single point in your talent acquisition and retention cycle, or provide outcomes-focused management of your entire talent supply chain. You’ll find our key services are listed below. For details of our full offering, please visit Presto or contact Craig McGrory.

  • Talent Acquisition Audit: We provide a holistic analysis of your talent supply chain, covering people, process, technology, and budgets. Our findings empower you with data to identify areas that validate ROI, provide quick wins, and create a roadmap for talent sustainability.
  • Sourcing Strategy Design and Training: We work with you to build a Strategic Sourcing Framework that leverages expert sourcing techniques, both outside and inside your current talent acquisition function.
  • Digital Marketing and Employer Branding: Attract great people by focusing on areas such as Employee Value Proposition, candidate experience, social media marketing strategies and search engine optimisation.
  • Talent Pipeline Development: Proactively source and secure the right talent against future business requirements.
  • Workforce Planning
  • Contractor Management Framework
  • Recruitment
  • Outsourced delivery and administration services
    • Project RPO: A cost-effective and highly scalable ‘tap on, tap off’ solution to attract talent for tough project deliverables.
    • Staff augmentation: Reduces agency dependency by supporting your internal talent acquisition team

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