Structured Communication Platform (SCP)

SCP is a persona-based, console driven, smartphone platform for increasing the engagement, self-management and support of associated members of an organisation that reside within the community. 

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Who is SCP for?

SCP is for organisations that have significant number of their people in the community (Staff, Volunteers, Supporters, etc). This Smartphone App was designed to empower people within the community through secure critical information, support links, messaging and workflows.

Use cases (Persona) include:

  • Reduce churn amongst community-based part-time employees
  • Engaging with volunteers supporting your organisation
  • Allow Iwi koumatua  and supporters to be advocates for your members
  • Reach out to interest groups in the community looking for support 
  • Carry out duty of care for staff working remotely in times of BCP or Pandemic

 SCP can help your organisation face the common key challenges below:

  • High levels of churn amongst volunteer communities create organisation burden on recruitment, training costs and communication costs 
  • Engagement with communities often feels one way – organisation to community member 
  • Critical information or appointments are lost or missed or “not read” 
  • Community members feel alone or lost and unsure how or who to engage with 
  • Organisations struggle to get feedback from members 
  • Social media platforms are too easy for members to opt-out, or ignore 
  • High levels of non-compliance to formal instructions and mandatory events 

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Community Member Management (Association Management)


  • Used to store, manage, organise, and communicate with members and other partnerships/associations of an organisation. 


  • Able to integrate into a core system of record or be a simple online standalone registration tool that integrates with all the engagement functionality 

File sending and file sharing


  • Supports the process of securely and anonymously sending statuary, controlled and information documents to a member, ensuring the document is received and opened 


  • Ensure members always receive and open important communications or records and have the documents available for easy access or reference. 

Booking, scheduling and diary management


  • Tools that allows the organisation to better manage the scheduling of appointments and bookings, with reminders, that can be shared with a support network  


  • Higher level of attendance at important meetings, such as compliance training, annual events, daily training and checks, court appointments etc 

Task management


  • Software used to create and manage tasks through simple workflow and workbench for ease of administration for regularly performed tasks, including attendance or absence, non-compliance, change of details, with priorities. 


  • Reduce the effort of managing the membership, reduce the cost of non-compliance and event management 

Forms and surveys


  • Supports the creation, distribution, and collation of form-based surveys software and/or services that support the analysis of an agency's customers, customer experiences, as well as the scoring of third-party information as it relates to customers. This also includes handling comments and feedback from customers. 


  • Improve the quality of service and level of compliance and retention through better targeting of services and effort 

Social marketing and outreach through Smartphone


  • Supports the targeting of messaging to improve engagement, stickiness and promoting activities of the organisation. 


  • Improve retention of members through a two way engaging communication 

Social networking (Support network)


  • Allows the organisation to create opt-in support links, and for the member to create a support network for themselves.


  • Improved engagement, compliance and retention through shared experiences and access to third-party support networks. 

Secure messaging


  • Send secure messaging to and from console to app, including formal instruction, with notifications, and read notification.


  • Able to provide formal instruction ensuring they are read, useful for "Lawful Instruction".  A high-level penetration of key messaging. Able to make secure conversation with at-risk member of the community.

What do you get


Core System of Record

  • Enrolment Administration (Record)
  • Workbench (Record)
  • Variation to conditions requests (Record)
  • Planner (weekly) Integrated appointment (Record)
  • Provide Correspondence (Core Data)
  • Integration (Behind Firewall)
  • Secure by Design (Single sign-on)

Agency Person

  • Enrolment Administration (Secure Workflow)
  • Dashboard (View and Manage Case Load)
  • Workbench (Digital Case Management ‘wrapper’)
  • Variation to conditions requests (Approval)
  • Message Centre (Secure Messaging; Lawful Instructions; Must respond workflows; Audit)
  • Planner (weekly) Integrated appointment (Create appointments; Set Reminders; Link Absence Approval)
  • Support Network (Approve Supporter)
  • Welfare Check (Send a welfare check; See history of checks)
  • Curated Support Links
  • Surveys (Create Compulsory Surveys)
  • Push Documents
  • Provide Correspondence (Push Instructional)
  • Multiple Language (Capable, bur requires translation)
  • Integration (Two-way)
  • Secure by Design (Authenticated)Agency Console (browser Web App)

Community Based Worker

  • Variation to conditions requests (Request)
  • Message Centre (Private)
  • Planner (weekly) Integrated appointment (View meetings; Receive reminders; Use absence approval)
  • Support Network (Request a supporter)
  • Welfare check (respond to a welfare check)
  • Curated support links (Use support links)
  • Surveys (Respond to surveys)
  • Push Documents (Read documents)
  • Provide Correspondence (Read Instructional)
  • Multiple Language (Capable, but requires translation)
  • Integration (Anonymised Secure Cloud)
  • Secure by Design (Token / PIN / Encryption)
  • Smartphone App

Support Network

  • Variation to conditions requests (Read)
  • Message Centre (Read Person Smartphone; Message Agency Direct)
  • Planner (weekly) Integrated appointment (Read; See reminders)
  • Support Network (Mandatory supporter)
  • Welfare check (View)
  • Curated support links (Use support links)
  • Surveys (View surveys)
  • Push Documents (Read documents)
  • Provide Correspondence (Read Instructional)
  • Multiple Language (Capable, but requires translation)
  • Integration (Anonymised Secure Cloud)
  • Secure by Design (Token / PIN / Encryption)
  • Smartphone App

What do I do next?

If you want to know more about SCP, be you a government agency, private sector or an NGO, please contact us.   We will come to you, explain what we have done, what we are doing in pilots and programs, and what we intend to do.  If your organisation shares our vision for fearless innovation and great staff outcomes, give us a call.


Photographs courtesy of Education New Zealand.

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