Community Association Engagement (CAE)

CAE is a persona-based, console driven, smartphone platform for increasing the engagement, self-management and support of associated members of an organisation that reside within the community. 

Who is CAE for?

This Mobile (cloud-based) App was designed to empower people within the community with critical information dashboard and workflows to support Government Agencies and Associations information management.

Use cases (Persona) include:

  • Reduce churn amongst community-based part-time employees 
  • Engaging with volunteers supporting your organisation 
  • Allow Iwi koumatua  to be advocates for your members 
  • Reach out to interest groups in the community looking for support 


How can CAE work for me?

CAE works by drawing on proven business tools that provide immediate communication and calendar functions, adding access to critical information, useful links and welfare checking that can trigger a support network.  It is simple and intuitive, it needs no training.  

 CAE can help your organisation face the common key challenges below:

  • High levels of churn amongst volunteer communities create organisation burden on recruitment, training costs and communication costs 
  • Engagement with communities often feels one way – organisation to community member 
  • Critical information or appointments are lost or missed or “not read” 
  • Community members feel alone or lost and unsure how or who to engage with 
  • Organisations struggle to get feedback from members 
  • Social media platforms are too easy for members to opt-out, or ignore 
  • High levels of non-compliance to formal instructions and mandatory events 

What do I do next?

If you want to know more about CEA, be you government, private sector or an NGO, please contact us.  We know no one buys anything like this off a web site.  We will come to you, explain what we have done, what we are doing in pilots and programs, and what we intend to do.  If your organisation shares our vision for fearless innovation and great staff outcomes give us a call!

Ready for better business?