5 March 2019

How our transition support will speed the digital transformation in your business

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While Transition is the most critical foundation to any successful outsource, it does not need to be a drawn-out or expensive process. Planning is key, followed by tight execution of the key activities and checklists.

 by Nigel Sloley,  Application Service Delivery, Programme Manager

Successful transition is the key to a mutually rewarding relationship with our customers. Founded on Information Technology Infrastructure Library® (ITIL) and appropriate industry frameworks, Optimation’s approach aligns with industry standards and best practice principles to mitigate risk, prevent business disruption, and reduce the amount of time needed for transition. Optimation has a proven methodology combining the “right” resources, customised models, and detailed discovery and activity plans to proactively protect the application portfolio from risk.

Your transition will be based on our past experience in transitioning people and services. Our Application Transition and Optimisation Methodology (ATOM) provides the framework for Strategy/Transition Plan development, Knowledge Transfer, and Implementation. ATOM is a proven methodology that implements strategic business initiatives and facilitates the change process to mitigate disruptions to business operations. It contains transition strategies for successfully transitioning support services from your current state to the proposed state.


ATOM - Optimation's framework

Transition Strategy & Planning: Transition Planning starts with strategy design and becomes more elaborate as we collectively develop and refine our operational plans. During this time, Optimation will work closely with you to understand the unique nature of your application landscape and portfolio. Based on this understanding, together we will develop a Transition Strategy specifically tailored for your situation that will addresses the application landscape and business priorities.

Discovery: Discovery will commence in parallel with Transition Planning and feeds into the Transition Plans. The Discovery provides a structured process for both Optimation and your organisation to verify our understanding of your needs and validate the potential risks and assumptions identified during Transition Planning. A key output from the Discovery phase is a Gap Analysis report derived from the data collected during this process. Collectively we will review and agree the Gap Analysis report, which serves as the basis for the baseline Transition Plan.

Delivery Readiness: To minimise delays, Optimation will commence Delivery Readiness activities during the contract procurement period. During this phase we will develop application Transition Plans, Staffing Plans, RASIC guidelines, Knowledge Transfer (KT) Schedules, Infrastructure and Connectivity needs and Governance requirements.

Program Start-Up: Collectively we will work closely together to define the Operational Governance Structure, the detailed Organisation Structure, and the Accountability Matrix for a sustainable engagement model.

Transition: During the first phase of transition, Optimation transitions the in-scope applications. We will also execute the necessary activities to acquire, document and transfer (KT) specific application knowledge whilst “shadowing” your support operation. During the second phase of transition, Optimation starts running the support functions.  

Optimise: Provides management and oversight to successfully deliver and report on Optimation Services, support user Service Requests, ensure service continuity, and address your specific needs through determination of solutions and process improvement recommendations for the transitioned applications.

 The keys to success:

–         Partnering with you to develop a “Specific Transition Strategy” that uniquely meets your current and future application support requirements;
–         Completing a thorough Transition Discovery and Planning process;
–         Securing key staff/contractors in a timely manner;
–         Collaborating closely with your application Subject Matter Experts (SMEs);
–         Receiving and/or creating the necessary up to date documentation to support KT, training and up-skilling;
–         Collaborating with you and other relevant parties to support a well-managed transition;
–         Partnering and working together to establish the agreed end state for both organisations.  

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