2 October 2019

Optimation & Outsystems Round Table

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On the 16th October, we are bringing to Wellington OutSystems Solutions Architect and our National Delivery Manager in a Lunch & Learn workshop session. If you are interested in knowing the latest trends in Rapid Development of Web and Mobile Apps on a low-code platform, come along.

Get new insights from two industry's thought leaders:

  • David Norman - Optimation's National Delivery Manager
    With over 30 years of experience in the ICT industry, David is General Manager of our Consult, Develop and Support business. He is experienced in leading large cross-functional teams to deliver excellent outcomes for customers from innovating through to operate.
    David has a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering and has extensive experience in technical, sales, delivery and leadership roles spanning multiple industries from both Private Sector and Government.  He has successfully led the delivery of a number of significant infrastructure, outsource and application projects.
    David is passionate about leveraging the power of technology, teams and innovation to help solve customers’ business problems.


  • Mark Ashcroft - Outsystem's Solution Architect
    A highly experienced technology leader that is passionate about delivering tangible outcomes for business.
    With eighteen years' commercial experience, Mark brings an unique perspective having had exposure to a broad range of industries such as Construction, Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Government Services, Technology and Energy.
    He's a proactive self-starter that is actively involved in the industry. Passionate in improving technology practices and solutions by incorporating Agile, Lean and Design Thinking to drive engagement and improve outcomes, Mark believes in a collaborative approach, delivering pragmatic outcomes that are right for the business and their customers.

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At Optimation, we see software development as a human-centric and highly iterative process. Low-code development fits our philosophy well because, when used in combination with design thinking, it means people can rapidly get to a point where they see if an idea or proposed solution is on the right track, often by co-creating models or prototypes with end-users. At that point, we can test, refine, and deploy fast, or discard an idea before expending too much time or effort on it (the ‘fail fast’ approach). Regardless of the specific development methodology we use, our focus is always on finding pragmatic ways to deliver a Minimum Viable Product at the earliest stage possible.

Read more about the benefits of a low-code platform here.

Outsystems Optimation Benefits of low code development

Limited seats, RSVP here.