23 April 2019

Optimates stories – William Yeung’s journey to becoming a Graduate Developer

William Yeung v2

Challenge accepted.

It seems like a good idea to start this article with a bold statement. It is a big challenge and I knew it would be from the moment when I chose this career. I decided to study Information Technologies (IT) five years ago and I admit I had a very different idea of what this career would look like. The phrase from my mother “If you can’t be a Doctor, then study IT” would spark a challenge that would eventually line my destiny up on a one-way train to my future. This trial would raise me to challenge myself to accomplish a task which I had very little knowledge and preparation for. And thus, the great journey began.

A three-year bachelor’s degree in Digital Technologies would teach me the basics of coding in a range of different languages from C#, SQL, HTML, CSS, Android Java, Swift 4 and many others in addition to a multitude of management skills, time management and project management. Learning a variety of coding languages in three short years was a challenge that many were not prepared and, looking back at now, I can laugh at how we all thought it was some sort of elvish and we couldn’t read it. Many abandoned along the way, but I stayed the course and would persist to the end.

its some kind of elvish i cant read it 2

I got through this period and concluded my degree with sanity intact along with a wealth of knowledge and a thirst for more. The hunt for a job would commence immediately with the creation of a new resume and cover letter to portray my profile would be sent to every job listing that required a particular set of skills.

Job searching was not as I envisioned (a short campaign with an easy victory) however, this would be dragged into a battle of innumerable resumes fired out and very few responses in return. Searching for a company that matched my expectations and at the same time would be looking for someone like me wasn’t an easy task. During the search, I remember one company that stuck out amongst the rest. It was called Optimation. They were seeking a ‘Graduate Developer’ for their expanding branch in Auckland. This type of listing was a golden opportunity for fresh graduates like me who had recently completed their tertiary studies and had little to no work experience in the industry. Being taught various coding languages, learning new procedures and gaining work experience all in one package was a lottery win for graduates.

Great success.

Lady luck was on my side as I received a response from Presto Resourcing who also took an interested in my application and would inquire more information about myself. A few interactions resulted in a chance at an interview with a representative at Optimation. With an interactive and positive interview and after several days of anticipated wait, I received the final verdict from Presto Resourcing with the position offered as a Graduate Developer at Optimation. Without hesitation, I seized this chance and was excited to start my life as a graduate developer.

success v2
Monday approached with my initial excitement that soon became a small anxiety, as I didn’t know much on what to expect. Question after question would shake my nerves resulting in slight internal screaming before even arriving at the office. But the sight of the setting and people would calm me down as the atmosphere brought a warm and vibrant feel to anyone present.

My experience would be no easy stroll in the park, as many challenges would arise during my time at Optimation as a Graduate Developer.

  • One was the difference in the lifestyle of being so used to the many short 3 hour lectures at University to the extended 8 hour work days.
  • Another was learning a variety of new and old coding languages with various procedures and methods of how they conduct their projects for clients.

Mountains of learning and self-learning of new and old coding languages. Google, YouTube and Pluralsight have been my best friends in these endeavours.

programmers while codingI am carefully taught and guided by my manager and various colleagues when I have trouble navigating or embarking on a specific task and they are all happy to assist me.
The experience as a graduate developer thus far has been rich and exciting with daily engagements of different tasks and learning to achieve so one is never not entertained. The amount of new knowledge and information I have been absorbing does not cease and for those who are passionate about learning and creating quality code that is efficient and effective then Optimation is where to go. People at Optimation are a friendly and mixed group of people who come from a variety of different countries and cultures that engage in discussion with all opinions welcome and relish in group engagements such as casual Fridays. Technology is ever expanding and the rapid growth of developers would be a key component in the future to come and Optimation will be there with open doors.

I am really glad I made this choice, I still want to make something big, and Optimation seems to be the right place for me.


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