10 August 2018

OG Australia becomes Mentum Systems

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We are delighted to announce that from 10 August 2018, Optimation Group’s Australian business has taken a new step on its growth journey with the re-branding of OGA as Mentum Systems.

Our new logo captures the essence of what we do. We make the complex simple by connecting the dots and giving meaning to unstructured data and information. The logo also reflects our relationships with our clients – for us, everything starts with a conversation between people.

Mentum Systems 400x400 Positive logo

The new name and brand identity reflects our distinctive character.  At Mentum Systems, we challenge organisations across the Defence and National Security sectors to innovate in governance, risk and assurance in order to better understand complexities and make better decisions. We work with our clients to implement solutions that enhance confidence in making better decisions and demonstrate achievement of strategic and operational objectives. Our solutions support new ways of thinking and draw upon a range of platforms and accelerators covering information systems, decision support and analytics.

As part of the Optimation Group, Mentum Systems builds on a strong heritage across Australia and New Zealand. For over 25 years, the Optimation Group has been bringing together human intelligence and smart technology to empower our clients to innovate, build better businesses and drive transformation.

Please visit our stunning new website at www.mentumsystems.com.au and connect to us on LinkedIn