13 August 2018

Honeywell partnership and our expertise within the Corrections sector

honeywell partner with corrections sector

By Alex Bouma, Chief Executive Officer

“Thanks Honeywell for inviting me to attend your Honeywell User Group Asia Pacific (HUG) in the Gold Coast last week. It was a fantastic chance to showcase what is possible in next-gen capabilities to help reduce recidivism and optimise use of resources in the Corrective Services sectors, by partnering. We showcased Optimation's experience and know-how in creating Digital Channel applications, with Honeywell's Secure PC platform. An excellent event, and a great chance to connect with some of Honeywell's user group in the Justice sectors across Australia and NZ.”


About Honeywell Users Group
Honeywell Users Group (HUG) events are developed by customers for customers, aiming to give attendees an opportunity to network, share best practices, learn about new technologies, project implementations and industry trends. These regional events feature technology and business application sessions, access to Honeywell and industry experts and offer a forum for exchanging ideas with other Honeywell users.