Managed Resource Services

Get access to top talent without losing control

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is the need to secure, manage and retain high-calibre talent while ensuring HR costs and management overheads are managed effectively.

Organisations that resort to hiring contractors to supplement specialist capability are exposed to losing valuable intellectual property and placing successful delivery outcomes at risk. The challenge of quickly locating, assessing and securing the right talent with the right skills and motivation can prove expensive and time-consuming. It also brings the overhead of induction and the costs of on-going management of externally provided resources.

Optimation’s Managed Resource Service (MRS) enables you to retain ownership and control of your IT investment and business IP, while having the freedom to tap into diverse, pre-qualified talent pools consisting of accredited IT professionals to work on special projects or to address operational needs.

Urgent or unforeseen requirements restrict your access to a wide choice of candidates at competitive rates, but Optimation’s Managed Resource Services offer a better value solution. Our unique talent sourcing model gives you access to skilled resources ‘on-demand’ when and where you need them, within a transparent KPI and SLA-based engagement structure that delivers guaranteed quality at a predictable cost.

Is a Managed Resource Service right for you?

  • Are you currently using contractors to address skills shortages and fluctuations but find it difficult or expensive to manage acquisition, attrition and replacement?
  • Do you require an agile approach to respond to business change that cannot be planned too far ahead?
  • Are you concerned about the loss of business IP due to contractor turnover?
  • Are business directives and policies preventing permanent or long-term contractor engagement?
  • Are you looking to improve your IT delivery capability but find the use of direct or agency supplied contractors ineffective to build strong cross-functional teams?
  • Do you face Employment Risk from the tenure of long-term contractors?

If you are dealing with any of these challenges, we can design a cost-effective Managed Resource Service solution tailored to suit your technical and business needs.

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