Telecom Investment Planning System

Telecom wanted to upgrade planning capability with a secure software application that delivers greatly enhanced functionality while maintaining a familiar Excel-style user interface.

Telecom Project Planning Gets Improved Functionality With Bespoke Solution

"Optimation truly understood our requirements and were innovative in their solution design.”

Telecom's Technology and Capability Transformation group manages around 80% of Telecom’s capital investment. With such a complex planning environment, Telecom was struggling with the functionality of existing Excel-based planning tools. They needed to find a solution that would better meet their business needs, as well as being more stable and easier to use.

The group maintains an 18 month project level planning horizon, integrated with three-year, top-down outcome planning. They needed a system that could integrate top-down and bottom-up planning, and enable transparent translation of strategy to execution. Telecom also wanted a user interface similar to Excel to minimise training requirements, and security that fits its existing network environment.

The Challenge: Upgrade To New System With Minimal Business Interruption

Excel-based planning tools had been in use for many years and the group was well-versed in using them. But the existing tools were getting outdated and no longer fit-for-purpose given the changing needs of the Telecom business.

The Optimation-developed alternative had to be a distinct improvement on a well-established platform, and the changeover had to be achieved without interrupting the day-to-day business. The group also wanted to use a familiar interface that would interact with Excel and keep training requirements to a minimum.


Purpose Designed Software Provides The Best Solution

The upgrade had to be a distinct improvement on a well established platform, and it had to be achieved without interrupting day-to-day business.

After consideration of a number of software packages, a robust, multi-tier database was identified as the best way to address the team’s specific planning requirements. We used an agile development approach to enable the rapid delivery of cost-effective results while maintaining close communication with Telecom's business users to ensure the development tightly matched business requirements.

The result is TIPS (Telecom Investment Planning System), a slick planning solution that allows the group's Investment and Programme Managers to easily track high-level planning and financial data for all new investment in Telecom's networks.

"Optimation truly understood our requirements and were innovative in their solution design. All in all, their collaborative team-based approach enabled us to achieve an outstanding result which has delivered real business value," said Nicola Sutich who was Telecom’s business owner on the project.


Business Benefits And Outcomes:

  • Ease of deployment and fast roll-out of new functionality
  • Extensive history and auditing
  • Rich functionality
  • Flexible ways to analyse data by using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to sort, filter and group data by user-defined criteria
  • Import and Export, to and from Excel
  • Data from SAP and other systems can be imported using Excel as an intermediate format