To maintain the operational integrity of the national power grid from external threats, Transpower engaged Optimation to develop an Enterprise Security Architecture as a precursor to developing a uniform security perimeter. A well-defined security perimeter is an essential counter-measure to risks initiated from external parties. Managing these risks is virtually impossible without a well-defined security perimeter. A high-level architecture for a uniform security perimeter was developed based on current best practices, industry trends and technology. The architecture was modular and extensible and had three discrete stages; perimeter planning and migration strategy, perimeter build and migration planning; migration of services. The Transpower Perimeter project rationalised the current fragmented perimeter by migrating all the services and external connections to a uniform perimeter.

Utility Billing

Optimation designed and architected a utility billing system called Equip that allows for flexible product and service bundling, multiple pricing models and discount structure, KPI reporting and monitoring. The billing system was implemented for Commercial and Industrial billing, across 60% of the electricity market. Equip was developed as a fully web-based software solution that allows utilities to intelligently manage customer acquisition and retention, enhance customer relationships and react quickly to market changes. It supports an integrated, e-business enabled supply chain, which improves the timeliness and accuracy of billing using flexible pricing models. Key benefits of the system are: - Provides unparalleled flexibility to allow a wide range of product bundling options - Fast response times to competition and changing market conditions - Open architecture allows information integration from a wide range of legacy systems - Improved cash flow based on high visibility of unbilled or under-billed accounts