Celebrating 25 years with our customers and partners

Posted by Optimation on 4 October 2017

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It was a huge privilege to host our customers and partners at Optimation’s 25th birthday celebration in Wellington. We really valued the opportunity to recognise the many great relationships Optimation has forged over the years, and how much we have achieved together. It is amazing to reflect on Optimation’s journey, evolving from a 4-person start-up in 1992 to having over 200 staff today and being an IT partner to some of New Zealand’s biggest organisations.

In keeping with Optimation’s values and heritage, we hosted the event in The Attic at Wellington Museum, a quirky gallery that celebrates some fantastic examples of Kiwi innovation and creativity. The highlight of the evening was this great video showcasing selected project successes and milestones, which was shown on Ngā Hau, The Attic’s ‘time machine’:

Optimation has built some fantastic trusted relationships over the years, and we’re privileged to be invited into the conversations our customers are having at a strategic level about where they want to go in the future and how their industries and customers are changing. These are certainly exciting times to be exploring the possibilities of digital transformation and innovation. We also enjoy learning about how our customers see the relentless pace of change and disruption affecting them, both in positive ways and in ways that create new challenges and fears.

At 25 years, Optimation has an enviable track record to look back on. We’re looking forward to building on that success and continuing to explore and evolve.