Forecast: Clearing With A Design High Approaching

Posted by Blair Loveday on 19 March 2013

What makes two people who are madly passionate about Business Analysis want to bring a tropical storm down on their Business Analysis Practice by introducing design and design thinking?

It’s simple. We’ve always been fascinated with design and we have raincoats. It provides the perfect outlet for us to channel our creativity and innovation through business design solutions that focus on delivering on good business outcomes. We also wanted to shake up our comfortable BA world and create a practice that genuinely excites us and made it easier to get out of bed and come to work. Finally, we wanted to create a place that attracts and allows us to develop truly extraordinary people whilst broadening their career choices.

And if that wasn’t enough, we were also motivated by something a little a deeper and darker. A couple of years ago, a respected Business Analysis professional told us that"Business Analysts don’t design". This statement never washed with us and two years on, having gone our separate ways, JD and I were reunited at Optimation. Sitting down and bouncing ideas around on where we wanted to take our Business Analysis Practice, we shared the same view that business design and design thinking needed to be part of our world, to the point that this thing has consumed us. It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited and I’m sure the smile on my dial was starting to freak out some of my colleagues. Luckily, our executive team share in my happiness, excitement and enthusiasm and a shout out to them - they have supported us right from the get go. One of our biggest challenges has been keeping this under wraps until we worked through and analysed everything in full. Our tweets back in January hinted that something was up.

ba tweet 1

ba tweet 2

So with mojo intact, we quietly set about socializing our business design ideas with our clients, thought leaders, and business analysis folk whose opinions we trust and value. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and they loved the simplicity of our approach. Summing up our Business Design ethos in 50 words or less:

Whenever a company designs a new service, process, product or experience, it is essentially designing its business. Staying true to our roots we use business analysis combined with creative design thinking to identify and zone in on promising opportunities and deliver business design solutions, well-defined practices, services and strategies for growth.

Of, course it goes a little deeper than this but hopefully you can start to sense our excitement.

Sadly, JD and I will soon be going our separate ways again. This has been on the cards for a while, with JD heading to the beautiful beaches of Tauranga to become the newest star at Cucumber. I, on the other hand, will enjoy the last of the Wellington summer gazing out the window from the Optimation office. Teaming up with another good friend and new Optimate, Agile evangelist David Morris, we will collaborate with JD and continue our Business Design Practice journey together. If you find this stuff interesting, fascinating, a little zany or slightly intriguing, let us know. Please join us in our journey and connect with us on linkedin, follow us on twitter and keep an eye out for our blogs etc. For some, business design is not new, or you may have been doing it in stealth mode. So we would love to hear and share your business design stories.

As always, a big hat tip goes to the design influences and inspiration of David Kelley and the crew.

Have fun and go wild - Blair (100% Kiwi-designed)