Celebrating 20 Years 2012: Big Data, BYOD And Barbador

Posted by Optimation Editor on 23 October 2012

On our journey through 20 years of technology memories, we’ve finally reached 2012. Tablets and smartphones are everywhere, and CIOs are getting to grips with the challenges of a bring-your-own-device world. 2012 is also predicted to be the year ‘big data’ reaches a tipping point, with advances such as quantum computing and the cloud make it possible to do interactive analysis on massive data sets in a scalable and cost-effective way. The possibilities are endless, from deep customer insights and social analytics to sophisticated proactive fraud detection and prevention.

Thanks to our partnership with Barbador, New Zealand's first Google Cloud Platform partner, Optimation is leading from the front. Amongst other initiatives, we already have some exciting projects in the works using Google BigQuery.