Celebrating 20 Years 2009: The Year Of The Cloud And Of A Major New Strategic Partnership For Optimation And HCL

Posted by Optimation Editor on 2 October 2012

2009 was the year that the cloud was suddenly everywhere and every IT executive worth his or her salt was trying to figure out what it meant and how they could make the most of it. Cloud computing seemed like a promising way to scale capacity and respond quickly to changing demands but it also raised new questions about data security and sovereignty. There was also a major new initiative afoot at Optimation as we announced our strategic partnership with HCL. The unique onshore/offshore model we developed gave large customers the flexibility, scale, and responsiveness they needed with the assurance of locally based governance and relationship management.

2009 was also the year Optimation starting helping Kiwi companies go green. When MED asked us to help them create an online sustainability tool, our development team jumped at the chance to flex their web skills while getting their green on at the same time. The result was Envirostep, a web-based system that helps people improve the environmental sustainability of their businesses. Since its launch, it’s been endorsed by Business New Zealand and the Sustainable Business Network, and was even recognised across the ditch in the Australian Consensus Software Awards. The initial project may be finished, but as the developers proudly point out, Envirostep is a system that has kept on giving. With the software platform now freely available, business support organisations can build their own applications quickly and cheaply, without the challenges of developing from scratch.