Celebrating 20 Years 2007: IPhone Released And Optimation Picked For Doctor Registration

Posted by Optimation Editor on 26 September 2012

What were you doing in June 2007? Maybe, like thousands of others, you were lining up to get your hands on the first iPhone. Once again, Apple changed the game and iPhones are now just about the most popular smart phones on the planet. Here at Optimation, 2007 was also a big year as we won a highly contested multi-year contract to redevelop the Medical Council of New Zealand’s core practitioner registration system.

Ensuring New Zealand’s 13,000-plus doctors are all registered and competent to practice is no easy task. MedSys brought the Medical Council enormous benefits by automating many of the business processes involved and by providing important monitoring functionality to ensure legal compliance and auditability. We continue to support MedSys for the Medical Council and are now extending the platform in order to deliver a growing range of services over the web.