Celebrating 20 Years – 1998 Google Is Founded And Vodafone Opens Its Doors In NZ

Posted by Optimation Editor on 18 September 2012

1998 was a banner year for the tech industry, both globally and here in New Zealand. The founding of Google marked the beginning of the end for old-school technologies like paper phonebooks while in NZ, Vodafone Group PLC purchased Bellsouth New Zealand and Vodafone New Zealand was born. At the time of switchover, Bellsouth had just 138,000 customers. Today, Vodafone has over 2.5 million.

By 1998, Optimation had a solid track record in software development and complex integration, and we were soon selected as a Vodafone technology partner. We have fond memories of the first TXT, the introduction of pre-pay, and the innovation that let Kiwis send pictures using their Vodafone mobiles for the first time. We’re still partners today and we’ve now worked on over 3000 projects together!