A Kiwi Take On Microsoft WPC

Posted by Optimation Editor on 25 May 2011

Neil and Sharon are on their way back from the US, where they attended Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference on behalf of Optimation. At huge global events like this, it can be tough to cut through the clutter and find the topics that are most relevant to us in NZ (plus, it’s easy to get sidetracked by all the cool gadgets and toys!). To make it easier, here’s a brief take on what really stood out. In between trips to LA's famous amusement parks, Sharon and Neil attended a wide range of sessions covering:

  • The productivity suite including Office 365
  • SharePoint
  • SQLServer Denali
  • HR - The 2020 Workplace and Developing People
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Private Cloud
  • Lync

The biggest theme of the conference was the cloud – public, private and hybrid. The cloud is at the core of Microsoft’s strategy with offerings including Office 365 and Hyper-V Cloud, and there were some tantalising hints dropped around Windows Server 8 and Microsoft’s Private Cloud plans. COO Kevin Turner outlined Microsoft’s five big bets for FY12 in a punchy speech that took aim squarely at competitors like Google, which the company is targeting with its new Office 365 offering. Microsoft also promised a vision of ‘Windows everywhere’, unifying ecosystems across a broad range of platforms and devices. Another theme that came through this conference is the consumerisation of IT. The main message is keep up or you will be left behind in this area. With the proliferation of devices available now, “bring your own device to the workplace” is a reality andinfrastructure needs to keep up. Microsoft’s response to the consumerisation of IT is through these four pillars:

  • Reimagining of Windows across all platforms/devices
  • Secure and manage your infrastructure via Intune and System Center 2012, both now available in beta
  • Best Productivity Experience on Microsoft devices and others
  • Unified Application Development across Azure and Office marketplaces

Neil and Sharon will no doubt return with a whole swag of information and copies of the various presentations, so if you want any more detail on things Microsoft, please ask and we’ll see what we can do!