1995: EBay Launches And The Rolling Stones Start Up Windows 95

Posted by Optimation Editor on 14 September 2012

It was 1995, and something was about to happen that would change our shopping habits forever as a little start-up called eBay took shape in Pierre Omidyar's San Jose living room. This was also the year the Rolling Stones famously (or should that be infamously?) licensed their rock anthem ‘Start Me Up’ to Microsoft for the launch of Windows 95.

At Optimation, we were working with organisations like Westpac and the Inland Revenue Department help them realise the benefits of open systems. The work we were doing was transformational, as we implemented locally developed software to connect Unix-based networks to mainframe computers and dramatically lower costs. Even better, the team were proving a Kiwi company had the smarts and capability to deliver hugely complex enterprise projects that had previously been the domain of the multinationals.