1992: Game Of Minesweeper, Anyone?

Posted by Optimation Editor on 12 September 2012

The year was 1992 and Microsoft had just released windows 3.1. The GUI interface was nice, but the really compelling feature was the inclusion of Minesweeper with the OS for the first time. Meanwhile, at a kitchen table somewhere in Wellington, Neil and Sharon Butler were coming up with a plan to start their own company - a little business known as Optimation.

With only a handful of staff to start with, Optimation soon carved out a niche providing specialist integration and security skills on complex enterprise projects. Back then, everyone was still running mainframes but open systems ‘mini computers’ were starting to change the game. (Remember when those were the best thing since sliced bread?) They promised to cut maintenance costs and enable a wider array of applications to be run, and Optimation was building the know-how to smoothly integrate them into corporate IT environments.